Do I need to groom my dog in the winter?

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Winters coming and it’s time to batten down the hatches, light the fire, break out the hot chocolate and settle in for some cosy evenings at home. In sub-tropical Queensland, maybe it’s not that extreme, but we do definitely feel the temperature drop.

When the winter comes you can be forgiven for thinking that there’s no need to groom your pet, but we have some damming evidence to the contrary.

Pet grooming in winter, is it necessary?

Yes! You might be asking why. Much like yourself if your dog doesn’t bathe on a regular basis, things could start to get a little stinky.

Many dog owners think when winter arrives it makes sense to let their hair grow so they can stay nice and warm. In theory that sounds very practical, but the reality is a little different.

A long healthy coat looks beautiful, but behind the scenes can take a lot of maintenance. Lets take a look at some of the issues that skipping pet grooming during the winter can cause.

  • When you take your dog out for a walk that beautiful long coat makes it very easy for dirt and moisture to get trapped, the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  • As your dog’s hair grows it can sometimes grow past the paws, which means you might be bringing a bit of the local dog park home with you on their feet.
  • Pet grooming can help keep fleas at bay. A longer, thicker coat can mean fleas are harder to detect and more likely to go untreated.
  • A dog’s coat can become easily matted the longer it gets, and whilst the point of growing their hair in the winter might be to keep them warm, a matted coat does not provide insulation or warmth. Furthermore, matted hair can be uncomfortable for your furry friend and cause distressing hot spots.
  • As the winter sets in you might be inclined to skip a few walks, or at least make them short and brisk due to the nature of the weather. Your dog’s nails can grow significantly during the winter as the natural attrition of them hitting the concrete is lessened. Pet grooming will keep these nails at a comfortable length.
  • The winter brings with it dry and chapped skin, and your dog is no different. Regular pet grooming will assist with keeping their skin and coat healthy.


Keep your furry friend, happy, healthy and protected by maintaining your pet grooming routine throughout the winter months. K9 Chic’s dog salon in Cleveland love dogs and we promise they will feel loved, comfortable and pampered. Call 07 3488 0188 today for an appointment.

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