Do I need to groom my short haired dog?

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If you, like many that have come before you, thought there’s no need to get your short-haired dog groomed then we are here to tell you that once you’ve tried it you might realise you’ve been slightly mis-informed.

We pet groomers like to think that we can do a little more than just dog clipping.


Do you ever look around your home and wonder, how does he still have a coat, based on all the hair you’ve found?

You first line of defence against shedding for short-haired dogs is a regular pet grooming routine. Whilst they might look like they don’t have much hair wait until you’ve brushed out their undercoat, you will be surprised at just how much hair is on the brush.

Once you’ve brushed your dog give him or her a bath with a good quality dog shampoo, this will help remove any additional hair.

Looking good

You might not realise how unkempt your short haired dog looks until you see the result of a good pet grooming. You won’t believe how pet grooming can neaten up the appearance of your short haired dog. At K9 Chic in Cleveland we love seeing the surprised look on an owner’s face when they see the end result.

Assists in regulating their temperature

Pet grooming assists your dog in being able to regulate their temperature, by ridding your dog of their dead and excessive hair they can regulate their temperature better resulting in them staying cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter.

Let us do the dirty work

Your dog’s anal glands might need expressing, whilst you are welcome to do this yourself K9 Chic are on-hand to take over this not so pleasant task for you.


Taking a trip to the dog salon is a little bit of luxury for your furry friend, so why deny your short haired companion?

When you need a dog salon that has a fun team of staff that love dogs and are experienced in pet grooming, come on down to K9 Chic in Cleveland. We’re not just great at pet grooming, we also offer a comprehensive list of grooming courses. Call 07 3488 0188 to book an appointment.

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