Grooming Assistant

Are you wanting to pursue a career in pet grooming? Our entry level Pet Grooming Assistant course is the perfect platform to begin your pet grooming career journey. Our students get hands on experience, and learn valuable industry tricks and tips, helping them flourish in their role.

When you finish you’ll have a range of career path choices available to you, and you’ll have an exceptional understanding of how to get a pooch looking their best.

Read below for more information about our Grooming Assistant course.

Course Length:

This is a one-week course, Monday to Friday.

About the Course

This is a five-day, practical training program for juniors or people looking to get into the pet grooming industry in a support roll, or to work in a mobile wash trailer.

This Grooming Assistant course consists of: dog handling, brushing, bathing, nail clipping and general salon daily routines. It will give you the experience required to be productive in a support role within a salon or a mobile hydrobath trailer.

End of Course Qualifications

All of our Grooming Assistant course graduates receive a certificate of completion from the K9 Chic Grooming School.

Eligibility Requirements

There is no qualifications or previous experience required in order to be eligible for our Grooming Assistant course. It is a beginner’s course, open for everyone to enrol.

Job Positions You Will be Eligible for After Grooming Assistant Course Completion

Once you have completed our Grooming Assistant course, you will be eligible for any beginner position within the pet grooming industry. This may include positions such as: Salon Assistant Bather/Dryer, Trainee Pet Trimmer, etc. within a grooming salon or mobile hydrobath trailer environment.

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If you would like to enquire about our Grooming Assistant course, contact the helpful staff at K9 Chic. We look forward to helping you kick start your pet grooming career!

Grooming Assistant

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